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New 2024 Maserati GranTurismo ( Overview)


New 2024 Maserati GranTurismo ( Overview). HIGHS
– Beautiful bodywork, luxury-car cabin, dual-purpose chassis.
– Soft brake pedal feel, bonkers expensive starting price, we’d love to see a manual transmission option,
– The revived GranTurismo sets a new standard for the Maserati brand and delivers on its multi-function mission of luxury and athleticism.

Estimated Price: Starting at $174,000

What is the GranTurismo?
After years of waiting for the rebirth of the Maserati GranTurismo, it’s finally here. The 2024 GranTurismo kicks off the second generation of Maserati’s sleek-looking coupe. We’ve driven it, and we can confirm Maserati’s latest grand tourer lives up to the name.

Sadly, the Ferrari-sourced V8 from the prior-generation model is gone. But Maserati’s fabulous twin-turbo V6, which is also used in the automaker’s MC20 supercar, makes a worthy replacement. Maserati will also be offering an all-electric version of the GranTurismo, the Folgore, which will be Maserati’s first all-electric vehicle.

Maserati points to its own 1947 A6 1500 as the world’s first grand-touring car, claiming that model established the high-speed, luxury touring philosophy so many GT cars have emulated over the past 75 years. This latest GranTurismo pays homage to that history, with enough cabin space to comfortably accommodate four adults, enough cargo space to carry their belongings, and enough horsepower to effortlessly cruise at elevated speeds, even when fully occupied. Think of it as a lighter, more powerful (and more expensive) BMW 8 Series.

For now, the GranTurismo launches as a coupe only but it wouldn’t surprise us if a convertible shows up in the next couple of years. The release date for the regular 2024 GranTurismo is set for the spring of 2023. The all-electric Folgore will come out in the latter part of 2023.


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