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New 2024 Nissan Kicks XPlay | FIRST LOOK, Driving, Exterior & Interior


New 2024 Nissan Kicks XPlay | FIRST LOOK, Driving, Exterior & Interior. The 2024 Nissan Kicks lineup recently arrived at the Japanese brand’s dealerships in the country, and now it gains a model for those seeking more exclusivity and differentiation. Later this week, Nissan will launch the Nissan Kicks XPlay 2024 in the Brazilian market. This special edition brings unique details and, as in previous editions, will have only a thousand units produced for sale in Brazil.

Produced at the Nissan Industrial Complex in Resende, in the state of Rio de Janeiro, the limited edition Nissan Kicks XPlay 2024 features a unique color combination not available for the regular production line of the crossover: premium black with a Malbec red roof.

Keeping with tradition but with a new design for the third edition, the “XPlay” signature is visible on the door sills—with a new finish—above the license plate finish on the trunk lid, and on the front seats. On the roof, a sporty-style spoiler specifically designed for this version emerges. The rear features are complemented with new stickers on the upper part of the C-pillars.

On the exterior, red accents have been applied to the mirrors, the lower part of the doors, and the front bumper, creating a striking contrast with the body color. The 17-inch wheels, completely in glossy black, complement the car’s style.

Inside, the Nissan Kicks XPlay 2024 also features red details. They appear on the air vents, at the base of the steering wheel, in the double stitching on the dashboard, on the floor mats, on the armrest, and on the premium-finished seats, which are lined with synthetic gray fabric.

And, as Nissan often does with its limited editions to add an even greater touch of exclusivity, the manufacturing order number of the unit is visible to everyone. It is located on the front grille, in one of the “honeycomb” sections that make up the design of the piece and has red accents.

Nissan’s focus with special editions in the country is to offer a differentiated product for those who want something more, a more exclusive car. Therefore, typically, their editions are limited and numbered.

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