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New 2024 Tesla Model 3 – Redesigned exterior, interior and Longer Range


New 2024 Tesla Model 3 – Redesigned exterior, interior and Longer Range. Surprise! Tesla just unveiled a major update to its Model 3 electric sedan in Europe. The broad strokes and much of the body are the same, but Tesla says that around 50% of the new Model 3’s parts are new, making this a bit more than just a facelift.

Speaking of the face, this is where the most obvious changes to the Model 3 can be seen. The new headlights are sleeker and more streamlined with a new LED light signature beneath. The entire front bumper has also been streamlined, ditching the lower corner fog lights and smoothing over the already small lower air intake. Along with the reshaped 18-inch Aero wheels, this should make the new Model the the most aerodynamic model in the lineup with a drag coefficient of just 0.219. The reduction in drag alone is worth around a 5-8% boost in range, according to the automaker.

Tesla must have made more unspecified changes to the rest of the EV and its powertrain because the new European single-motor, Standard Range model has grown to 344 miles on the global WLTP standard. Meanwhile, the dual-motor Long Range climbs to 421 miles WLTP. Those numbers are bound to shrink once the EPA’s more stringent test cycle takes a bite out of ’em, but this is still around an 11% improvement over the current WLTP numbers.

Curiously, the updated Model 3’s configurator is missing a Performance version. Perhaps another surprise debut is lurking in our future. We’ll keep our eyes peeled.

Cutting through the air more cleanly also improves wind noise in the cabin. Tesla takes this a step further with improved interior materials that help reduce the sound of the road and wind in the cockpit. The seats are said to be more comfortable, with improved upholstery and new ventilated surfaces. Meanwhile, the dashboard has been updated with reshaped vents and new customizable ambient lighting.

At the center of the dashboard, the main touchscreen has narrower bezels and takes up more usable display space. Drivers will be tapping the display more often thanks to the lamentable deletion of the steering column stalks — the drive selector and other controls have been moved to the screen and the redesigned steering wheel.

Below the display are new dual wireless phone chargers at the front of the center console. At the rear of the console is a new 8-inch display that gives backseat passengers something to fiddle with. Behind the rear bench, the Model 3’s trunk grows to 21 cubic feet, 6% larger than before. And around the cabin, the audio system grows from 14 speakers to a total of 17 drivers.

The updated Tesla Model 3 is currently available for order on Tesla’s European site with deliveries expected to begin in October. It’s presumably only a matter of time before the changes hit the US site and we get our hands on the updated EPA estimated range, so stay tuned.

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