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NEW 2025 Mercedes-Benz Actros L (12.8-liter Diesel Engine) | REVEAL


NEW 2025 Mercedes-Benz Actros L (12.8-liter Diesel Engine) | REVEAL. Since its launch in June 2021, the Actros L has defined the premium segment of heavy diesel-powered trucks from Mercedes-Benz Trucks. Now the company is taking its successful flagship to a new level: With futuristic vehicle design, optimized aerodynamics, numerous comfort features, efficient engines, high levels of driving dynamics, and the latest assistance systems, the new Actros L has everything it takes to impress fleet operators and professional drivers alike.

The new Actros L with ProCabin can be ordered from April 2024 and will go into production in December 2024.

In addition to the aerodynamic optimization measures, Mercedes-Benz Trucks further increases the efficiency of the new Actros L in combination with the third generation of the 12.8-liter OM 471 diesel engine. The OM 471, available alongside proven OM 470 and OM 473 diesel engines, is consistently designed to reduce Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) without compromising on performance, driving dynamics, or comfort in terms of fuel-efficient driving, reduced CO2 emissions, lower operating costs, and higher returns.

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