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NEW Alfa Romeo 33 Stradale | 620HP V6 Or 750HP Electric


NEW Alfa Romeo 33 Stradale | 620HP V6 Or 750HP Electric. Alfa Romeo is delighted to announce the rebirth of the custom-built 33 Stradale, a veritable “manifesto” of the Italian brand’s capabilities – now and in the future – in terms of style and driving experience. Made in only 33 exclusive units, according to a unique artisan process, the new “two-seater” coupé combines the brand’s heritage and future as the symbol of noble Italian sportsmanship.

The new Alfa Romeo special edition can be fitted with a V6 twin-turbo engine delivering over 620 hp or can come in a BEV configuration with over 750 hp. Performance is outstanding in both versions. The top speed is 333 km/h, and it accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in under three seconds. The double-arm suspension with active shock absorbers and the front axle lift ensure handling and comfort. The Alfa Romeo Brake-By-Wire braking system and Brembo carbon-ceramic brakes offer high-level performance.
The aluminum H-frame and carbon fiber monocoque guarantee rigidity and lightness. Again to ensure high qualities of rigidity and safety, a roof structure has been engineered in carbon fiber and aluminum, with hinged butterfly doors. The window frames are also made of carbon fiber, with the rear window in polycarbonate.

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