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New Alpine A290_β Concept Dynamic Demo Run


New Alpine A290_β Concept Dynamic Demo Run. Following its unveiling in Bristol on 9 May, the brand’s new electric show car took to the streets of Dieppe for the first time. Reminiscent of the R5 Alpine, fans got their first glimpse of the A290_β, a forerunner of the production model, a proper Alpine with a character all its own. The show car brought the mountains to town with its electric motor and highly Alps-inspired design. In front of countless fans of the brand in the streets of Dieppe, this show car marked the arrival of Alpine in a new era, setting a new electric sportscar lifestyle.

On the city’s waterfront lawns, spectators could get an up-close look at the A290_β and its three-seat configuration, putting the driver at the heart of the Alpine sporty driving experience.

As the worthy heir to the Alpine racing cars, everything was in place for a unique show! The presence of the show car once again reiterated the brand’s committed ambition for sustainable sportiness in its upcoming line of production cars.

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