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NEW Audi A3 Allstreet (2024) Full Details


NEW Audi A3 Allstreet (2024) Full Details. The crossover Audi A3 allstreet offers an SUV-like driving experience thanks to higher ground clearance and a distinctive off‑road look. The Audi A3 allstreet with 35 TFSII and 110 kW (150 HP) starts at 37,450 euros. 

The large octagonal radiator grille with its honeycomb structure sits higher than on the A3 Sportback, aligning the crossover more closely with the Q models. Unique to the allstreet, three grooves at the front and rear enhance the off-road character. At the front, the grooves are integrated into the distinctive spoiler lip, which is reminiscent of a skid plate, and at the rear into the diffuser it is part of the robustly designed rear bumper.

Dark rocker side skirts and trim in the lower door area enhance the car’s powerful look and visualize its increased ground clearance. The suspension of the A3 allstreet features a 15 mm higher ride height than the standard suspension in the A3 Sportback. The specific spring/shock absorber tuning offers an excellent balance of high ride comfort and a sporty, precise driving experience. Together with the larger wheel diameter, this results in 30 mm more ground clearance. Wide wheel arch trims underscore the standard 17-inch wheels, which are one inch larger than those that come standard on the A3 Sportback. For both models, 18-inch and 19‑inch wheels are available as an option.

Thanks to the slightly raised seat position, the A3 allstreet offers increased comfort when entering and exiting the vehicle and a better command of the road. As with the A3 Sportback, the luggage compartment has a capacity of 380 liters, and up to 1,200 liters with the rear seat folded. The model features roof rails as standard. Optional features include an electric tailgate, a removable tow hitch, and a storage and trunk package. The latter enables the customer to store small items in nets attached to the backs of the front seats or in the compartment on the driver’s side. A net in the trunk prevents larger pieces of luggage from shifting while on the move.

All A3 models roll off the production line at the Audi’s Ingolstadt plant and will be available to order from March. 

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