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NEW Citroën Type H Camper Van Concept (SpaceTourer)


NEW Citroën Type H Camper Van Concept (SpaceTourer). Citroën has chosen to present its Type Holidays van at the Düsseldorf Caravan Show. The concept combines the iconic Citroën Type H with the more modern SpaceTourer, resulting in an interior arrangement that will soon be available across the Citroën network, through a range that will be called “Holidays”.. Citroën has always been inspired by the idea of freedom and sharing, and it was quite naturally that it should strengthen its commitment to this fast-growing market by building on the qualities of the SpaceTourer.

Citroën has called on one of the world’s leading specialists to kit out the van: Bravia Mobil. This Slovenian company gave the Citroën Type Holidays all the equipment needed for an ideal travel experience:

A pop-up roof that allows you to stand upright in the living space inside the Citroën Type Holidays and which houses a large bed to accomodate two people in night mode.
A two-row bench seat that opens up to form a comfortable two-person bed. And this bench seat is completely removable to free up storage space.
Two front seats that swivel round towards the living area of the vehicle.
A complete kitchenette (cooking area, sink, fridge)
A folding table for dining or working, and several cupboards for storing your belongings.
A Webasto heating system to ensure optimum temperature on board.

Source : Citroen

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