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New Dacia Duster 4×4 OFF-ROAD Test Drive


New Dacia Duster 4×4 OFF-ROAD Test Drive. Dacia presents the 3rd Duster generation, the next chapter in its iconic best-seller’s saga.

Duster TCe 130 4×4 combines a new-generation 3-cylinder, 1.2-litre turbocharged petrol engine using the Miller cycle (reduced pump losses optimise efficiency) and a 48 V mild hybrid motor.

All-New Duster is available with 4×4 Terrain Control transmission, which includes 5 driving modes:
– AUTO: transmission automatically distributes power between the front and rear axle according to wheel grip and
– SNOW: optimises trajectory on slippery roads with specific ESC and anti-skid settings.
– MUD/SAND: for unsteady terrains.
– OFF-ROAD: top performance on tough terrain, very similar to the current Duster’s 4×4 Lock mode but with the added
advantage of automatically and optimally distributing torque to the front and rear wheels according to grip and
– ECO: optimises fuel consumption by regulating air conditioning and the vehicle’s performance. It optimises
distribution of torque to the front and rear axles to the maximum possible extent to limit fuel consumption while
adapting to the road’s grip.

Ground clearance: 217 mm (measurement between axles) in the 4×4 version, the highest on the market.
Approach and departure angles to overcome even more obstacles on 4X4 versions: up to 31° at the front and 36° at the
rear, and 24° for the ventral angle.
Downhill speed control, which is especially useful on jagged terrain and steep slopes. The system principally actuates the
brakes to keep the vehicle’s speed under control (based on the driver’s input) at between 0 and 30 km/h. It kicks in regardless
of the gearshift selection (including reverse) so the driver can ignore the accelerator and brake pedal and focus on the steering

During off-road driving, a variety of especially useful information can be displayed on the 10.1-inch central screen:
– Lateral tilt
– Uphill and downhill pitch
– Torque distribution to the front and rear axles (4×4 version

Source : Dacia

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