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NEW Ferrari 12Cilindri Spider – Design Details


NEW Ferrari 12Cilindri Spider – Design Details. The Ferrari 12Cilindri Spider merges the thrill of open-top motoring with the power of Ferrari’s iconic V12 engine, delivering an exhilarating driving experience. With 830 cv and revving up to 9500 rpm, this V12 engine promises unmatched performance. Advanced engineering, including titanium con rods and innovative software, ensures optimal torque delivery and seamless power response at every turn.

In terms of design, the 12Cilindri Spider breaks away from conventional Ferrari aesthetics, embracing a more futuristic language while maintaining elegance and sophistication. Clean lines dominate the exterior, while the interior exudes luxury and comfort, with a focus on sustainability through the use of recycled materials. The car’s aerodynamics and cooling layout are meticulously engineered to enhance performance while maintaining a sleek and elegant profile.

Equipped with cutting-edge dynamic controls and state-of-the-art chassis technology, the 12Cilindri Spider offers precise handling and responsiveness. The innovative Aspirated Torque Shaping system ensures smooth power delivery, while the four-wheel independent steering enhances agility and control. With high-performance tyres and a lightweight chassis, the 12Cilindri Spider delivers an unparalleled driving experience, blending performance, luxury, and sustainability in true Ferrari fashion.

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