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New Ford Kuga facelift revealed (All-new Active Version)


New Ford Kuga facelift revealed (All-new Active Version). Buckle up and get ready to explore the new 2024 Ford Kuga Facelift! This video is your one-stop shop for unveiling every detail of this updated SUV, including the brand-new Active trim. We’ll delve deep into the sleek and sophisticated design, the cutting-edge technology, and the improved performance. From the panoramic sunroof and upgraded infotainment system to the powerful engine options and off-road capabilities, we’ll leave no stone unturned. Don’t miss out on our exclusive test drive where we put the Kuga to the test, both on and off the road! Is it worth the upgrade? We’ll answer that and more in this comprehensive review! Don’t miss out on the #4Drivetime exclusive look at the new Kuga!
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