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New Honda Saloon Flagship Concept From “Honda 0” EV Series


New Honda Saloon Flagship Concept From “Honda 0″ EV Series. Honda today announced the “Honda 0 Series,” a new global EV series launching in 2026, represented by the world premiere of two concept models, Saloon and Space-Hub, at CES 2024. In 2026, Honda will introduce a model of the Honda 0 Series based on the Saloon concept in North America, followed by model introductions in Japan, Asia, Europe, Africa and the Middle East and South America.

The Saloon is the flagship concept model of the Honda 0 Series. Sitting on a dedicated EV platform, the Saloon delivers on the Honda “M/M*1” man maximum/machine minimum packaging concept with its low and wide exterior coupled with a surprisingly spacious interior. Sustainable materials are used throughout the exterior and interior. Inside, the instrument panel features a human-machine interface (HMI) that enables simple and intuitive operations. With excellent visibility and a sporty driving position, the Saloon promises to deliver an unparalleled experience that truly connects the driver with the vehicle.

In addition to the new exterior and interior design, the Saloon also debuts advancements of new steer-by-wire and motion control management systems. Leveraging the company’s decades of expertise in robotics, the Saloon features posture control that will assist the driver in a variety of driving situations to realize the “joy of driving” in the EV era.

A production vehicle based on the Saloon concept is expected to come to the North American market in 2026.

Source : Honda

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