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New INFINITI QX Monograph CONCEPT | Next QX80 Preview


New INFINITI QX Monograph CONCEPT | Next QX80 Preview. NFINITI makes a provocative statement on the Concours awards ramp near the storied 18th green of the 2023 Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance™ with the debut of a new concept vehicle. The striking QX Monograph marks a daring new era for INFINITI and provides an alluring vision of its future design language.

The QX Monograph’s minimalist body features details that blend INFINITI’s hallmark approach to craftsmanship with the subtle yet distinct influence of Japanese style. The vehicle exemplifies attention to detail in design, with highlights including:

Paint: The QX Monograph is finished in a striking new hue created by the INFINITI design team called “Akane.” Inspired by the powerful yet serene moment of sunset, the paint features a complex, six-layer structure to channel the appearance of a warm glowing red sunset as it transitions into a dark night sky.

Prominent double-arch grille: The beauty and power of nature has long been an inspiration for INFINITI design. For the inner mesh of the QX Monograph’s prominent double-arched radiator grille, the team drew inspiration from a tranquil bamboo forest. The upright lines within the inner mesh channel the organic shapes found within a bamboo forest, as the stems gently bow and intersect in the breeze. Finished in gloss black to complement the dark chrome surround, the large grille hints at a powerful, commanding driving experience.

Bold lighting expression: The QX Monograph features a unique lighting system which separates the main headlight assembly and daytime running lights (DRLs). It results in a sense of the extraordinary – or “Kabuku” – with the main headlight assembly (housing the low and high beams) positioned within the front bumper, while the “digital piano key” daytime running lights are positioned above.

Front: The DRLs seamlessly follow the hood line creating a sense of width and stability, while each of the “digital piano keys” within the DRLs feature an intricate “Kimono fold” pattern.

The DRLs are connected through the grille, in a near horizontal line that accentuates not only the height of the QX Monograph front mask, but also gives prominence to the vehicle’s width.

Illuminated three-dimensional emblem: Elevating the vehicle’s sense of dynamism, motion and power, a new three-dimensional INFINITI emblem takes pride of place within the QX Monograph’s double-arched grille. Serving as a visual focal point to boldly announce the vehicle’s arrival, the new logo features pure white illumination, accentuating the bright road to the infinite horizon.

Front fender vent: The bamboo-inspired inner grille mesh pattern is also embedded within the front fenders, delivering a distinctive visual accent. The functional air intake is finished in gloss black for a strong contrast against the distinctive body color.

Rear: The QX Monograph’s tail lights run the width of the body and the lamps feature a smoked finish that illuminates a vibrant shade of red once switched on. A complex inner housing channels the reflection of light on water. Each of the tail lights features a pronounced upper section accompanied by a series of six horizontal light bars below. The combination delivers a memorable signature, while replicating the tranquil way light shimmers on water.

Graceful motion: The front and rear lighting delivers both “welcome” and “farewell” animation sequences that artfully create a sense of motion. At the front, the animation commences within the newly crafted three-dimensional INFINITI emblem within the grille and moves outward, highlighting the bamboo-inspired mesh of the radiator grille.

Striking alloy wheels: The QX Monograph rides on large, precision machine-finished wheels with bold red highlights and gloss black and shadow chrome spokes, complementing the lustrous finish on the body. When sculpting the wheels, the design team took inspiration from a modern wind turbine, which influenced the large and powerful, yet gently curved, form of the spokes themselves.

Panoramic roof: The QX Monograph’s roof is adorned with a large “Kimono fold” pattern motif. Finished in “Akane,” the geometric pattern punctuates the gloss black finish, showcasing the profile of a large panoramic roof.

Light path: Inspired by a powerful bird in flight, the QX Monograph’s welcoming “light path” effect gracefully animates in a sequence that represents wings. A testament to INFINITI’s desire to offer its clients thoughtful hospitality, upon approach, a pure white light is projected from the side steps, providing a serene welcome and a subtle touch of drama.

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