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NEW Infiniti QX Monograph – The Next-Gen QX80 full-size luxury SUV


NEW Infiniti QX Monograph – The Next-Gen QX80 full-size luxury SUV. Infiniti QX Monograph Is An Anti-Wedge SUV That Previews The 2025 QX80

With a grille inspired by a bamboo forest, lights reminiscent of piano keys, and a commanding presence, the QX Monograph Concept previews the upcoming Infiniti QX80

The future of Infiniti’s design has been revealed at the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance through the QX Monograph concept. This study not only offers a preview of the next-generation QX80 but also showcases the brand’s upcoming design language direction.

Described as an “anti-wedge,” the SUV shares its proportions with the largest vehicle in Infiniti’s lineup, the QX80. Infiniti says that the big vehicle gave its designers a large canvas on which to show off what they’re planning for the near future.

“We approach each Infiniti design from the perspective of an artwork, with the aim of evoking emotion and intrigue” said Alfonso Albaisa, senior vice president of global design. “The QX Monograph presented a sizable canvas for us to explore Infiniti’s artistry at maximum scale and create something bold.”

More specifically, the QX Monograph features a number of cues that Infiniti has chosen to highlight explicitly. First among these is the big “double-arch” grille. Inspired by the shapes found in bamboo forests, the stems of the grille gently bow towards the middle, crossing in front of one another to create a complex matrix pattern. In this case, the grille is finished in gloss black, to work with the dark chrome surrounds. Meanwhile, the size of the grille is intended to hint at the SUV’s powerful, commanding driving experience.

At the center of the grille, Infiniti’s new, three-dimensional logo has been used for the first time. The new badge features special white illumination that helps give the illusion of depth, offering the emblem dynamism.

The new lighting technology doesn’t stop at the logo, though. In addition, the QX Monograph features “digital piano key” headlight design made of an intricate “Kimono fold” pattern. The DRLs are connected to the grille with a segment that helps highlight the height of the hood as well as the width of the SUV.

The same pattern runs across the full width of the rear of the QX Monograph concept, further highlighting its imperious size. The widening and narrowing of the lighting elements helps suggest depth, a bit like the logo. Each piano key segment in the taillights features two sections: a top solid block, and a lower striped section that is intended to replicate the look of light bouncing on gently rippling water.

The lighting at either end of the vehicle seeks to charm drivers and passengers with welcome and farewell animations. Elsewhere, the QX Monograph features a front fender vent whose shape was also inspired by bamboo forests, and machine-finished alloy wheels with shadow chrome, gloss black, and red accented spokes. Finally, a panoramic sunroof helps bathe occupants in natural light, and offers them a view of the heavens.

So far, Infiniti is just focusing on design, and has offered no hints as to what will power the production QX80, nor what its interior will be like. Reports suggest that a twin-turbo V6 is expected under the big hood, and the exterior design indicates that luxurious furnishings will be a focus for the interior.

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