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New Jetour Traveler 2023: Evolution of a crossover


New Jetour Traveler 2023: Evolution of a crossover. Jetour Traveler. Jetour, a subsidiary of Chery established in 2018, initially targeted a younger and more modest audience. However, their strategy shifted after just three years to promote car travel culture, including off-road adventures. The Jetour Traveler, initially envisioned as a rugged, off-road-capable SUV, ultimately took on a more crossover-like form in its production model. Led by designer Hakan Sarakoglu, known for his work at Porsche, the Traveler features a distinctive design inspired by models like the Land Rover Defender and Ford Bronco.

The New Traveller comes with a unique swing-out fifth door that doubles as a rectangular-shaped luggage trunk, adding versatility to the vehicle’s design. While it maintains a rugged appearance, it is built as a regular crossover with a monocoque body, transverse engine placement, and all-wheel-drive capabilities, making it suitable for off-road adventures. It offers various accessories like roof racks and additional spotlights.

Inside the Traveler’s cabin, designers opted for a separate instrument panel display and a large media system television, moving away from integrated screens. The Qualcomm 8155 chip manages the vehicle’s electronic systems, ensuring a modern and functional interior design.
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