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New Kia K5 Facelift 2024 | FIRST LOOK, Exterior & Interior


New Kia K5 Facelift 2024 | FIRST LOOK, Exterior & Interior. Kia has recently unveiled the redesigned version of the Kia K5 in South Korea.

The Kia K5 PE is a cutting-edge sedan, characterized by its breathtaking design and innovative features. With prices starting from 27,840,000 KRW, it boasts a powerful 1,999cc engine with 180ps maximum output and an impressive combined fuel efficiency of 19.8km/l. The K5’s exterior design, termed “Modern Dynamic,” represents a harmonious blend of innovation and progress, redefining the sedan’s character with a sporty and modern elegance. The striking rear design with horizontal and vertical star map lighting LED combination lamps adds to its captivating presence.

Internally, the K5 PE embraces modernity and high-tech sensibility, offering an Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) that includes a range of features such as side parking distance warning, remote smart parking assist, rear-view monitor, highway driving assist, and more. The K5 prioritizes smart conveniences, like an automatically opening tailgate with a smart key, 6:4 folding rear seats, quilted natural leather seats for comfort and luxury, and a streaming plus feature for in-car entertainment.

For those seeking a unique style, the K5 Black Fit comes with special design elements, including a black suede headlining interior, black outside mirrors, rear dark skid plates/muffler tips, and exclusive 19-inch or 18-inch wheels. Additionally, Kia’s K5 HEV offers a hybrid model with advanced motor control technology, enhanced driving efficiency, and quiet operation. In conclusion, the Kia K5 PE is a true embodiment of innovation and style, combining cutting-edge technology with elegant design to redefine the sedan experience.

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