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New Lexus LF-ZC Next-Generation BEV Concept 2026


New Lexus LF-ZC Next-Generation BEV Concept 2026. At the inaugural Japan Mobility Show 2023, Lexus introduced a range of concept models under the theme “Pushing the Boundaries of the Electrified Experience”, envisioning new possibilities for mobility through electric cars. The Lexus booth hosted the global debut of the next-generation Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV) concept car LF-ZC, set for release in 2026.

Lexus is gearing up for a significant milestone with the production of the LF-ZC Concept, a forward-looking Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV) set to hit the market in 2026. This move underscores Lexus’s dedication to seamlessly blending aesthetics and functionality in its cars, representing a new era in electrification. The LF-ZC boasts a striking design that focuses on aerodynamics, with a low center of gravity promising a thrilling driving experience. The interior reflects a commitment to spaciousness, intuitiveness, and a fully digital interface that consolidates controls for an engaging cockpit experience. Furthermore, advanced AI technology, such as the “Butler” voice recognition system, adds a personalized touch to the driving experience, making the vehicle feel like a true companion. A focus on sustainability is also evident through the use of the Bamboo CMF Concept in the interior, emphasizing circular resource use.

In terms of performance, the next-generation BEVs, including the LF-ZC, are designed to deliver high-performance dynamics, leveraging the excellent inertia characteristics of BEVs and technologies like the all-wheel drive DIRECT4 system. The car’s integration of the Arene OS software platform enables continuous updates and personalization of driving characteristics, ensuring the vehicle evolves with the customer. With a focus on battery technology, the LF-ZC aims to provide an impressive range and reduce range anxiety, making it suitable for various driving scenarios. The vehicle’s modular structure and self-driving assembly line introduce innovative manufacturing processes that enhance flexibility and efficiency while reducing production costs.

LF-ZC Main Specifications
Overall Length 4,750 mm
Overall Width 1,880 mm
Overall Height 1,390 mm
Wheelbase 2,890 mm
Cd value Under 0.2 (Target Value)

Source : Lexus

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