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New Mazda EZ-6 – New-generation MAZDA6


New Mazda EZ-6 – New-generation MAZDA6. Is this the future of Mazda’s mid-size sedan? 4Drivetime gets a first look at the all-new 2025 Mazda EZ-6, the successor to the beloved Mazda6. We’ll delve into its potential exterior and interior design, showcasing how the EZ-6 might usher in a new era for Mazda. From the bold lines on the outside to the potentially tech-filled cabin, we’ll explore the details that might define the EZ-6. Can it recapture the spirit of the Mazda6 while offering a fresh take on the mid-size sedan segment?

Exterior Design Breakdown : We’ll analyze the potential exterior design of the EZ-6, highlighting new styling cues, grille design, and how it might position itself within the competitive mid-size sedan segment.

Tech-Forward Cabin: Step inside and discover the potential features of the EZ-6’s interior.

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