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New Mercedes C-Class W206 – Production Line at the Mercedes Bremen Plant


New Mercedes C-Class W206 – Production Line at the Mercedes Bremen Plant. 2022 Mercedes-Benz C-Class – Production Line

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The new Mercedes-Benz C-Class enters production at the company’s plant in Bremen. The bestselling model of the premium car maker will also roll of assembly plants in China and South Africa.

Mercedes-Benz using a new body shop system for the first time in Bremen. Unlike in a traditional body shop, where the manufacturer builds the individual parts in line, the new body shop includes various production cells. Engineers refer to these cells as cubes. And all of these cubes are fully networked with each other.

The car maker is building the C-Class on the same line as the GLC, the GLC Coupe and the electric EQC crossovers. The manufacturing procedure will benefit from the new TecLine systems technology, modeled on Factory 56 in Sindelfingen. The system thus simplifies and accelerates conversion work.

In its production center in Bremen, Mercedes is using the principal of digital shopfloor management in all production areas. This allows the permanent tracking of all production data in real time.

With the production of the new C-Class, Mercedes-Benz is also working on reducing emissions during production. The premium car maker is planning a CO2-neutral production starting 2022. Roofs with green areas, such as the total of 40,000 square meters at the new body shop building, will contribute to compensation for the sealed floor areas. They will also secure an improved temperature control inside the structure.

The production procedure allows the manufacturing of the models with all sorts of drivetrains.

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