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NEW Mercedes CLE Coupe (2023) Design Details


NEW Mercedes CLE Coupe (2023) Design Details. The new Mercedes CLE Coupé uses the conceptual and technical innovations of the C-Class and E‑Class. With its expressive design, exclusive comfort equipment for maximum individuality and confident, sporty driving performance, the new two-door car goes its own way. The market launch of the CLE Coupé will start in Europe in November. The CLE Cabriolet will follow next year for open-air connoisseurs. With the new dream car series, Mercedes-Benz is fulfilling the wishes of many customers in the C-and E-Class segments.

The new CLE Coupé sets standards in efficiency thanks to systematic electrification and intelligent downsizing. All engines are mild hybrids with an integrated starter generator and 48-volt electrical system. There is a choice of four-cylinder units and – as the most powerful engine – a 3.0‑litre straight-six petrol engine.

The chassis is lowered by 15 millimetres as standard. The optional DYNAMIC BODY CONTROL, with continuously adjustable damping on the front and rear axles in combination with rear-axle steering, both offered in the Technology package, ensures particularly agile and at the same time comfortable driving pleasure. The steering angle is up to 2.5 degrees. This reduces the turning circle by 50 centimetres. Despite its larger dimensions, the CLE Coupé with rear-wheel drive has a smaller turning circle than the C-Class Coupé (10.7 instead of 11.2 metres).

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