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NEW PEUGEOT 208 (2023) Interior and Exterior Details


NEW PEUGEOT 208 (2023) Interior and Exterior Details. The new Peugeot 208 models feature the all-new front end, pushing the 208 into the new era of Peugeot design, with the brand’s new logo at its centre.

The grille features an evolving body-coloured pattern which blends into the bumper.  This design reflects the electrification of the range and gives the new E-208 greater poise. The grille and body are no longer compartmentalised, but form a whole, increasing visual robustness, efficiency and modernity.

The range will be based on three versions – ALLURE, ACTIVE, GT – and six powertrains, including the new 115 kW/156 bhp all-electric motor, offering a range of 400 km (WLTP combined cycle under approval) and the new HYBRID 100 and HYBRID 136.

The new Peugeot E-208 will go on sale in November 2023.

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