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New Peugeot E-2008 Facelift (2024) | REVEAL & Walkaround


New Peugeot E-2008 Facelift (2024) | REVEAL & Walkaround. NEW PEUGEOT 2008, The feisty and agile SUV, showing off its updated design and new electric performance with up to 406 km of range.

For the E-2008, Maximum power is up 15% from 100 kW/136 hp to 115 kW/156 hp, while the battery is increased from 50 kWh to 54 kWh. A major effort on efficiency allows the increase in performance to be complemented by an increase in range, which reaches up to 406 km compared to 345 km previously (WLTP mixed cycle).

Two types of on-board chargers are available on the new PEUGEOT E-2008, to suit all uses and all charging solutions: as standard, a single-phase 7.4kW charger and, as an option, a three-phase 11 kW charger.

Estimated recharge times from 20% to 80% are 30 minutes from a public charging point (100 kW), 4 hours and 40 minutes from a Wall Box (7.4kW) and 11 hours and 10 minutes from a reinforced socket (3.2 kW).

A new hybrid powertrain on the 2008 is coming soon

At the beginning of 2024, the new 2008 will receive the new 48V HYBRID powertrain, which consists of a new-generation 136 bhp PureTech petrol engine, coupled with a new 6-speed dual-clutch electrified gearbox that includes an electric engine.

Source : Peugeot

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