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New Polestar 4 SUV Coupé (2024) Walkaround


New Polestar 4 SUV Coupé (2024) Walkaround. Maximilian Missoni walkaround with Polestar 4.

Polestar introduces Polestar 4, an electric performance SUV coupé and the second SUV in the brand’s line-up. Polestar 4 transforms the aerodynamics of a coupé and the space of an SUV into a new breed of SUV coupé.


Polestar 4 is the fastest production car the brand has developed to date. The 0-100 km/h sprint can be completed in just 3.8 seconds and maximum power output is 400 kW (544 hp). Motors are of a permanent magnet, synchronous design. Driving dynamics are true to the Polestar brand – sharp steering and handling responses result in a thrilling and nimble driving experience for all occupants.

A 102 kWh battery is fitted to both long-range versions. The Long range Dual motor features 400 kW (544 hp), 686 Nm and a preliminary range target of up to 560 km WLTP. A disconnect clutch allows the car to disengage the front electric motor when not needed, to maximise range and efficiency.

The Long range Single motor version features a 200 kW (272 hp) and 343 Nm motor at the rear and preliminary range target of up to 600 km WLTP.

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