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New Porsche Taycan Comfort Entry


New Porsche Taycan Comfort Entry. The new cutting-edge Porsche Active Ride chassis surpasses other suspension concepts in all relevant parameters and offers an unprecedented bandwidth between driving comfort and driving dynamics. The suspension keeps the body of the Taycan level at all times, even during dynamic braking, steering and acceleration manoeuvres. With a smooth ride, the system absorbs bumps almost completely. In dynamic driving situations, the Porsche Active Ride suspension ensures a perfect connection to the road thanks to a balanced distribution of wheel loads.

If the relevant mode is activated, the suspension can compensate for pitching and rolling motions in order to reduce the acceleration forces acting on the occupants. The driver can manually activate and deactivate the following functions in the PCM:

Easy entry: when this function is activated, as soon as a door is opened, the body raises automatically by 55 millimetres. This makes it easier to get in and out. When the door closes, the Taycan lowers back down to the previous level.

active cornering dynamics: Normally, a car leans to the outside in corners. If the driver wishes, Porsche Active Ride not only balances out this rolling, but can actually overcompensate for it: like a motorcycle, the Taycan then leans into the bend.

Acceleration and braking comfort: when a car accelerates or slows down, it squats or dives forward. Porsche Active Ride can also compensate for this body movement. Much like a helicopter, the Taycan pitches forward when accelerating and backwards when braking.

Source : Porsche

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