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NEW Renault Scenic 2024 — Design Details


NEW Renault Scenic 2024 — Design Details. The new Renault Scenic E-Tech features an all-electric powertrain and is recasting C-segment cars for families, beckoning them to travel while keeping its pioneering and family-friendly DNA. Scenic was always designed to be a household’s main car, for long journeys at weekends and on holidays. It still is, with its 620-km-plus WLTP range.

It is built on the CMF-EV platform developed by the Alliance, and its design is bold: its footprint is small relative to the category, but its roominess is record-breaking. It has a compact battery (supplying up to 87 kWh), which frees up even more space inside the car to make the most of its ideal proportions. The motor delivers up to 160 kW (equivalent to 220 hp) so the car is agile, lively and right for every drive. Inside, it is comfortable for all its passengers. Its flat roof and 2.78-metre-long wheelbase make it spacious. So, there is plenty of room for passengers (including a 278 mm knee radius at the back) and for luggage (in its 545-litre boot). The trailblazing Solarbay opacifying glass roof and Ingenious armrest complete the full range of comfort-enhancing amenities.

The OpenR Link multimedia system comes with more than 50 apps so you can plan your journey effortlessly and enjoy it with everyone travelling with you. Its signature sound sequence is in a class by itself – the result of an extraordinary team endeavour with composer Jean-Michel Jarre.

The All-new Scenic E-Tech electric will be the first electric vehicle in Renault’s line-up to include the Esprit Alpine trim, which adds an exhilarating sporty edge. It is made at the plant in Douai (ElectriCity), as it has been since the beginning, and will reach the market at the beginning of 2024.

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