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NEW Skoda Kamiq 2024 (Facelift ) | Monte Carlo, Exterior, Interior & Details


NEW Skoda Kamiq 2024 (Facelift ) | Monte Carlo, Exterior, Interior & Details. Škoda Auto has updated its successful compact SUV. Redesigned front and rear aprons as well as more sharply drawn headlights. On top of that, both come with a refreshed interior featuring Design Selections and new sustainable materials. Three engines from the current evo2 generation with power ranging from 70 to 110 kW as well as a comprehensive portfolio of safety features and assistance systems round off the model upgrade.

Two new 1.0 TSI three-cylinder engines from the EA211 engine family’s evo2 generation are now even more efficient, thanks to further hardware and software improvements. Among other optimisations, these include variable control of the intake and exhaust valves and variable-geometry turbochargers (VGT) as well as ten-hole injectors for an even more homogeneous air-fuel mixture. The 1.5 TSI comes with an optimised ACT+ active cylinder deactivation system. The three engines deliver outputs ranging from 70 kW (95 hp) to 110 kW (150 hp).

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