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New Toyota AYGO X (2022) Spunky, Sporty Subcompact crossover


New Toyota AYGO X (2022) Spunky, Sporty Subcompact crossover. Demand is moving towards crossovers and SUVs at a rapid pace. Every carmaker is taking advantage of this. Toyota has just released the Aygo X, which is a completely redesigned city car that can now conquer a bit of off-pavement as well. Toyota beefed up the Aygo X turning it into a bigger, better, and high-rider mini crossover. Bold contrasting shades and mini-SUV looks make the smallest Toyota a cute urban hauler. The Toyota Aygo X will compete against the likes of its Korean siblings the Hyundai i10, Kia Picanto, and the rise of the German VW Up or Skoda Citigo.

If we take a closer look at Toyota Aygo models since release, we can definitely tell this was a small city car that perfectly matched the European vibe for daily driving on busy Milan streets or Central London. Toyota built the former Aygo in partnership with Peugeot and Citroen, to make up for safe, cheap, and reliable transportation. Toyota made the second generation Aygo just a bit larger – many liked to call it Darth Vader’s car as the front fascia mimicked the Sith Lord himself.

With the 2022 Aygo X, Toyota undertook thorough research on what best fitted the European A-segment cars – which was a mix of stylish, compact, and confident uban cars, all-in-one. This trend has seen a rise since the yearly 2000s when automakers like Audi introduced All-Road versions of their A6, or Fiat, which makes their little Panda a capable 4×4 at the fraction of the price. The new Aygo X is built on the Toyotas GA-B platform, which underpins subcompact crossover SUV categories. The Yaris and Yaris Cross are built on the same platform and have proved themselves noteworthy – the former crowned the best European car of 2021.

The X now stands for crossover. It’s also got half an inch of ride height increased compared to the outgoing model, and the driver seat is now 2.1-inches higher, completing the mini-SUV look. Chunky plastic fender claddings across the Aygo, 18-inch wheels and dual-tone color scheme make up the final bits of exterior details. Overall, the all-new Aygo X looks nicely designed and able to withstand a bit more, giving drivers the boosted confidence the outgoing models missed while still retaining some very distinctive Aygo details.

A bigger Aygo from the outer shell means a greater interior on the inner part. The 2022 Aygo X is now 3.5 inches longer at the wheelbase from the outgoing model. It’s also wider, too, hence making more space between driver and passenger when shoulder-to-shoulder. Rear passengers unfortunately don’t get any better legroom from the outgoing models, as Toyota says people who buy the Aygo rarely use the rear seats. The extended wheelbase is put to use to increase boot capacity – which is still not class-leading when the rear seats are up, but a decent amount of space (8 cubic feet) is available when folding the rear passenger seats.

One of the best features for the 2022 Aygo is also the updated dashboard. A 7-inch touchscreen display is standard, while top-of-the-range models get a 9-inch touchscreen display with navigation, Apple CarPlay, and Android Auto. The 2022 Aygo also gets a touch of smart features: Toyota Smart Connect brings the latest multimedia platform to the Aygo X. Paired with the MyT app, drivers can remotely lock and unlock the doors, get roadside assistance and receive vehicle health reports, and other bits of smart tech. Ambient lighting, wireless charging, heated seats, and a digital cockpit add up to a smooth user experience. The Aygo X can also receive over-the-air updates for upcoming software.

One other great feature of the new Aygo is the punchy 1.0-liter petrol engine, which produces 72 ponies and 69-lb-ft of torque. The Aygo X will only drive the front wheels and be mated with either a CVT or a 5-speed manual. The Aygo X is definitely not a powerhouse, and it doesn’t do really well in the 0-60 mph game either, 15.6 seconds. This is also one of the reasons why Aygo can’t live up to the American driveways, yet it shines in fuel efficiency as it can return up to 60mpg. Toyota says all elements that make up the Aygo X are designed to help fuel-economy. Wheel arches for instance can guide airflow slightly out from the tires, reducing turbulence and letting those 72 ponies drive through urban cities more efficiently.

The Aygo X will start at around $17,000 in the EU, with maxed-out variants going up to $20,000. At this price-point, buyers can’t argue much about flaws, and considering this is a Toyota, it will hold its value pretty well over the years.

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