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New Toyota Century SUV (2024) | $170,000 Luxury Japanese Vehicle


New Toyota Century SUV (2024) | $170,000 Luxury Japanese Vehicle. Toyota Motor Corporation (Toyota) unveiled a new Century model and will begin accepting orders today. A new chauffeur-driven vehicle to meet the demands of a new age, developed under the concept of “The Chauffeur.” Fully embracing the ideas of inheritance and evolution associated with the Century, the new shape combines elegance, comfort, and functionality.

The new model plans to be launched during 2023 while the Century sedan will still be available.

The newly developed 3.5-liter V6 plug-in hybrid system achieves both a powerful and exhilarating drive while retaining the quiet driving suitable for a Century.

Length 5,205 mm
Width 1,990 mm
Height 1,805 mm
Wheelbase 2,950 mm
Couple distance 1,220 mm 1,135 mm
Weight 2,570 kg 2,370 kg
Capacity 4 persons 5 persons

Source : Toyota

0:00 Intro
0:30 Reveal & Full Details
5:31 Driving scenes
6:10 Exterior Design
6:48 Interior, rear seats & trunk
8:33 Interior colors
8:54 Exterior colors

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