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NEW Toyota Century SUV — Full Details


NEW Toyota Century SUV — Full Details. Toyota Century was born in 1967 as Toyota’s top-of-the-line chauffeur car. Until then, the Japanese chauffeur car market had been dominated by European and American luxury car brands. In response to this situation, we aim to create an “unprecedented new Japanese luxury car” that can compete with the rest of the world, with a dignified design that incorporates “traditional Japanese beauty” and an overwhelmingly quiet vehicle. The first generation Century was developed with the best of Japanese technology based on the design concept of “people-centeredness” that realizes comfort and comfort. Since then, Century has been serving as Japan’s leading chauffeur car with a unique sense of hospitality, transporting loved ones to their destinations in comfort for more than half a century.

Under these circumstances, the development team has held thorough discussions on the theme of “What should Century do in order to continue to provide hospitality that exceeds customer expectations?” In recent years, the needs for chauffeur cars have been diversifying, such as making more effective use of travel time, taking breaks in the car, and participating in online meetings, and we have been developing the chauffeur car with these circumstances in mind.

Adhering to the concept of “The Chauffeur,” we are constantly pursuing the essence, inheriting the dignity, quietness, and ride comfort befitting a Century, and creating a new chauffeur car that will continue to meet customer expectations as a Century. evolved into.

Going forward, the new Century will listen to the needs of each customer, respond to full orders globally, and deliver “Freedom in motion – the ultimate freedom of movement” to even more customers.

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