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New Toyota Hilux Champ (2024) | Presentation


New Toyota Hilux Champ (2024) | Presentation. Toyota Motor Corporation (Toyota) and Toyota Motor Thailand Co., Ltd. (TMT), Toyota’s vehicle sales and production company in Thailand, held a launch event in Bangkok on November 27 for the new IMV series model IMV 0―which was introduced at the JAPAN MOBILITY SHOW 2023. Orders for the model are now being accepted.

Hilux Champ is mobility that helps make your vision come true and your life more colorful, from business to private life, through customizability. At the launch in Thailand, 11 customized models were introduced. TMT offers eight grades with an emphasis on covering a variety of business styles and uses. There are short and long-wheelbase versions, three engine types―2.0L gasoline engine, 2.7L gasoline engine, and 2.4L diesel engine―and an unequipped type with a flat deck is also available. Prices range from 459,000 to 577,000 baht.

The deck has bolt holes at various locations so that custom accessories can be easily attached using bolts and nuts. In addition, for those customers who request customization, TMT can provide information on more than 100 accessory manufacturers so that each customer can enjoy personalized customization. TMT will produce the model at the Samrong Plant.

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