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NEW Toyota Hilux Hydrogen Fuel Cell – Prototype Testing


NEW Toyota Hilux Hydrogen Fuel Cell – Prototype Testing. The Hydrogen Fuel Cell Toyota Hilux project has entered the demonstration phase with prototypes now undergoing evaluation and demonstrations. Ten prototype vehicles, powered by Toyota’s fuel cell electric technology and producing no tailpipe emissions, have been built by Toyota Motor Manufacturing UK. This project is part of Toyota’s broader European strategy to accelerate the development of hydrogen fuel cell solutions and achieve carbon neutrality across the region.

The Toyota Hilux prototypes are being rigorously tested to assess safety, performance, and durability. Five of these prototypes are in real-world field testing, while the other five are being showcased to customers and the media, including at the upcoming Olympic and Paralympic Games Paris 2024. By engaging with the public, Toyota aims to lay the groundwork for a successful hydrogen transport sector. This effort builds on Toyota’s 30 years of research and development in hydrogen fuel cells, contributing to the next generation of technology with longer lifecycles, increased driving range, and reduced costs.

Based on the legendary Toyota Hilux known for its Quality, Durability, and Reliability, the hydrogen fuel cell prototype maintains its rugged appearance while integrating advanced fuel cell technology. The powertrain includes components from the Toyota Mirai, ensuring a driving range of up to 600 km and a high payload capacity thanks to the lightweight hydrogen fuel. The Toyota Hilux project is not only a significant step towards a zero-carbon future but also showcases Toyota’s commitment to diverse powertrain solutions, catering to various user needs and infrastructures.

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