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New Toyota Yaris Cross SUV – Debuts In Indonesia, Looks Like A Mini Highlander


New Toyota Yaris Cross SUV – Debuts In Indonesia, Looks Like A Mini Highlander. Toyota is having a bit of a busy year so far. Hot off several significant launches last year, Toyota has revealed yet another all-new model, the Yaris Cross. But hold on a minute, isn’t there a Yaris Cross in Europe already? Well, it’s a little different for the Southeast Asian market.

The European-spec Yaris Cross rides on the Toyota New Global Architecture for B-segment vehicles (TNGA-B). However, the ASEAN-spec model uses a Daihatsu platform instead. The Yaris Cross for this region uses the Daihatsu New Global Architecture chassis, just like the one used in the Raize, Veloz, and all-new Vios.

In terms of positioning, the ASEAN-spec Yaris Cross slots in between the Raize and the Corolla Cross. Size-wise, it measures 4,310mm long and 1,615mm tall; the width was not mentioned at the time of writing. For comparison, the Toyota Corolla Cross measures 4,460mm long and 1,620mm tall. Interestingly, it’s closer in size to the Honda HR-V which is at 4,330mm long and 1,590mm tall.

As for design, it is noticeably different from the European-spec model. The ASEAN version has slimmer headlights, a different bumper, higher door sills, and a totally different rear-end treatment. Because of the different chassis underneath, it appears that the Euro and ASEAN models of the Yaris Cross share little to no sheet metal despite having the same name.

Toyota says this regional version of the Yaris Cross was specifically developed to take on rougher and harsher conditions. During its product presentation, Toyota showed videos of the Yaris Cross taking on dirt roads and broken pavement. Toyota also claims a greater emphasis on ride comfort was placed on the ASEAN version.

There are two engine options available for the Yaris Cross. First is the familiar 1.5-liter engine that powers the Avanza, Vios, and Veloz. It produces 106hp and 138Nm of torque, virtually identical to other Toyota models that use the same engine. The second is a hybrid that pairs that same engine with an electric motor. Toyota did not mention the combined output at the time, but said that the internal combustion engine makes 90hp, while the electric motor produces 79hp.

Toyota will release more details in the coming weeks.

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