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NEW Volkswagen Golf MK8.5 FACELIFT (2024) | FIRST LOOK & Powertrains


NEW Volkswagen Golf MK8.5 FACELIFT (2024) | FIRST LOOK & Powertrains. The Golf is celebrating its 50th birthday this year – and Volkswagen is launching an enhanced version of its bestseller to mark the anniversary.
The new Golf impresses with a next-generation infotainment system, a more intuitive operating concept, a sharper front and rear end design as well as efficient drive systems.

The new Golf can be recognised by their new front end. Visually defining features include the Volkswagen logo, which is illuminated for the first time on the Golf, and the newly designed LED headlights.

The new plug-in hybrid drives in the Golf offer increased power and an electric range of about 100 km, and are additionally equipped with a DC quick-charging function. The highly efficient 48 V mild hybrid drives are particularly appealing for drivers who haveno charging wall box at home. A total of nine different options – mild hybrid (eTSI), plug-in hybrid (eHybrid and GTE), turbocharged petrol (TSI) and turbocharged diesel (TDI) – will be available for the product line in the launch phase. Further Golf derivatives will be introduced successively throughout 2024.

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