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New Volkswagen Virtus Cabrio Concept | FIRST LOOK


New Volkswagen Virtus Cabrio Concept | FIRST LOOK. The Virtus sedan was chosen for a special project by Volkswagen, which transformed it into an exclusive vehicle for the presidential visit to the Anchieta factory in São Bernardo do Campo.

For the creation of the concept car, the roof assembly was removed. From there, with the absence of the continuations of the B and C pillars, it was necessary to reinforce other points of the vehicle to achieve good rigidity. Already to provide a larger space between the front and rear seats, the floor was elongated, promoting modifications including the size of the fuel tank housed in the lower part of the floor. In addition, the rear seat also underwent modifications with an exclusive design for this special model.

New external finishing parts were developed, such as column and door closing parts, seats, and fuel tank. A crossbar was also added in the B pillar region so that rear occupants, when standing, had support and safety. Finally, some electronic vehicle management systems were modified.

Source : Volkswagen

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