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Next-Gen Toyota RAV4 BEV Concept 2025 (FT-3e)


Next-Gen Toyota RAV4 BEV Concept 2025 (FT-3e). Toyota today provided an insight into the design and technology possibilities it is exploring for next-generation of battery electric vehicles by presenting its FT-3e concept for the first time in Europe at its Kenshiki forum in Brussels.

FT-3e features the versatile new generation BEV architecture that allows to create a wide variety of products including the Lexus LF-ZC luxury sedan and the performance-oriented FT-Se sports car.

These next generation BEV vehicles are designed to achieve the lowest possible weight and optimised aerodynamics for increased efficiency and range, whilst at the same time bringing a focus on efficient resources usage.

The FT-3e is a concept that also embraces a wide range of future technologies that go beyond delivering carbon-neutral mobility to connect with society, acting as a transfer medium for data and energy – to and from the car itself or its surroundings.

It has a sweeping exterior design that combines advanced styling and aesthetics, with body lines and surfaces kept as simple as possible.

Digital displays extend from the lower side the body to the upper door section. These present information as the driver approaches the vehicle, such as the state of battery charge and the interior temperature and air quality.

FT-3e dimensions
Length (mm) / Width (mm) / Height (mm)
4,860 / 1,955 / 1,595
Wheelbase (mm)

Source : Toyota

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