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NIO ET9 SkyRide Fully Active Suspension System


NIO ET9 SkyRide Fully Active Suspension System. FULL VIDEO here :

At NIO Day 2023, NIO ET9, a smart electric executive flagship, officially made its debut. Smart EVs have reached the pinnacle of technological innovation. With NIO’s strategic and comprehensive investment in the core technologies of smart EVs, NIO ET9 integrates the latest technological research and development achievements, showcasing a perfect package of flagship-style exterior, spacious interior, immersive experience, efficient recharging, and smart technologies. NIO ET9 is designed specifically for the new generation of high-end business users, offering a sophisticated, comfortable, and safe smart electric executive flagship.

NIO ET9 is equipped with China’s first Full-Domain 900V Architecture, boasting the highest voltage of 925V, a charging peak power of 600kW, and a charging peak current of 765A. The 900V ultra-fast charging and swapping platform allows fast recharging after a 3-minute battery swap or extending the range by 255km with a 5-minute charge.

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