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NISMO Accessories for 2023 Nissan Z


NISMO Accessories for 2023 Nissan Z. Nissan revealed a range of new NISMO performance-focused accessories for the Nissan Z.

For the Nissan Z, the components include new NISMO LM-RS1 forged wheels, a NISMO coilover suspension kit with a twin-tube design featuring a linear race spring system, rebound damping adjustability and ride height adjustment; a NISMO cold air intake; and a NISMO performance heat exchanger with increased volume to help reduce charge air temperatures and maintain performance on hot days and track events.

Additional parts include:

– NISMO big brake kit
– NISMO street twin-disc clutch
– NISMO track exhaust
– NISMO adjustable stabilizer bar kit
– Prototype NISMO strut tower bar
– NISMO coolant expansion tank

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