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Nissan GT-R (X) 2050 Concept walkaround


Nissan GT-R (X) 2050 Concept walkaround. Hi guys! Nissan Design creates GT-R (X) 2050, bringing intern’s dream to life.

The completed project runs just under 10 feet long and sits just over two feet high. The single occupant, the driver, rests horizontally in a “prone” position with limbs extended in an X-shape. The driver wears a futuristic, form-fitting suit and helmet that resembles a superbike riders’ protective helmets and leathers.

The helmet was designed to be inserted into a slot for front vision camera shared with VR vision. A brain-to- core transmitter would help the human brain activate digitalized signals.

The vehicle to turn 360 degrees. The outer tire diameter measures 21 inches and inner wheel circle is 15 inches. The wheels’ spoke pattern was designed to help the wheel cool down fast, even under extreme braking.

The GT-R (X) 2050 also deploys an active wing that would add downforce when extended. The wings fold so the driver can get in and out of the car.

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