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Once a Black Sheep, the Porsche 912 Has Its Revenge


Once a Black Sheep, the Porsche 912 Has Its Revenge. In 2012, Julien Borne’s father died suddenly. This event – in tandem with the birth of his daughter – caused Borne to pause and take stock of his own life and priorities, an episode of reflection that ultimately led him to a sad-looking 1967 Porsche 912 and a dilapidated house in the French countryside.

Borne had been racing in the French Supermoto series for years, so he was no stranger to risk but his decision to move into his grandparent’s long-vacant farmhouse in a village on the outskirts of Paris and devote himself to rebuilding classic Porsches nevertheless required a new level of gumption on his part.

Borne has since focused his energies on the Porsche 912, a car long dismissed by Porsche enthusiasts as being little more than a tarted up Volkswagen, a poor substitute for the more desirable 911. Yet, as Borne points out, this black sheep is beginning to get its revenge, slowly gaining adherents for its lightweight nimbleness and relative accessibility in a time when early 911s have appreciated beyond the reach of the average enthusiast. Indeed, the 912’s lack of pretense is at the heart of its appeal.

“The 912 is closer to a barbecue car than to a golf course car,” says Borne. “It’s not a car to show off, it’s a car to enjoy.”

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