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Porsche 911 Achieves New Altitude World Record


Porsche 911 Achieves New Altitude World Record. 6.734 metres above sea level – no car has ever gone higher. On 2 December, racing driver Romain Dumas set a new world record at the peak of the west ridge of the Ojos del Salado volcano in Chile, piloting a significantly modified Porsche 911 running on eFuels.

Two modified Porsche 911 models nicknamed ‘Doris’ and ‘Edith’ took part in the record attempt. The record breaking car was developed by RD Limited in collaboration with Porsche. The record itself was achieved by Dumas in the lighter and more agile ‘Edith’ variant. The extremely off-road capable special conversion is based on the current 911 Carrera 4S. The 443 hp 3.0 liter six cylinder boxer engine remained in stock form and was paired with the standard seven-speed manual transmission. The car operated with factory filled lubricants from Mobil 1, which enabled the powertrain to operate without issue even in the extremely cold climate. The 911 itself proved to be an excellent basis; through the mix of robust yet lightweight chassis construction, ample power and the ability to cope well with extremely high altitudes.

The two cars were equipped with carbon fiber seats, and five-point harnesses. Next, portal axles were added to increase ground clearance (now 13.7 inches / 350 mm). The portal axles also had the effect of reducing the gear ratios, allowing for precise, gentle throttle inputs at low speed. In addition, the cars were equipped with special lightweight but extremely tough Aramid fiber underbody protection to allow sliding over rocks.

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