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Porsche 911 HYBRID – Development and Testing


Porsche 911 HYBRID – Development and Testing. Development of the first Porsche 911 hybrid completed successfully

Porsche is set to revolutionize its iconic 911 sports car by introducing its first road-going model equipped with a hybrid drive, marking a significant evolution in the model’s 61-year history. Frank Moser, Vice President of the Model Line 911 and 718, announced that the performance-focused hybrid drive enhances the dynamism of the 911, underscoring the comprehensive global testing regimen that spanned over five million kilometers. This rigorous testing, conducted under diverse and extreme conditions from the frigid temperatures to the intense heat of Dubai, ensured the new 911 is well-prepared for any driving challenge, from high-altitude mountain passes to urban stop-and-go traffic.

In performance tests, the new hybrid 911 notably outpaced its predecessor on the Nürburgring Nordschleife, a track renowned for its demanding nature and crucial to the development of the 911 series. Porsche brand ambassador Jörg Bergmeister drove the new model around the circuit in 7:16.934 minutes, cutting the time of the previous model by 8.7 seconds. This impressive improvement was aided by the vehicle’s enhanced grip, increased power, and the responsive nature of the hybrid system, highlighting significant advancements in speed and performance.

The introduction of the hybrid drive in the new Porsche 911 represents a leap forward in both performance and environmental considerations, aligning with Porsche’s commitment to innovation. With its faster track time and rigorous testing across various challenging environments, the new 911 hybrid is poised to set a new standard for sports cars, combining traditional Porsche power and precision with modern, sustainable technology.

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