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Porsche 911 Reimagined by Singer: Sine Qua Non | Petrolicious


Porsche 911 Reimagined by Singer: Sine Qua Non | Petrolicious. When Drew Coblitz acquired a 911 that had already been reimagined by Singer Vehicle Design, the company sent a note welcoming him to the family. Just another detail, part of a long list of examples of Singer’s thoroughness when it comes to the experience of owning a car that they’ve put their stamp on. By working up a genius combination of modern engineering solutions and only the best character traits from a more analog era of Porsche, the car’s abilities exceeded Drew’s high expectations. But there was something missing.
The comprehensive approach to the aesthetic elements in addition to the mechanical ones is another reason why we’ve seen Singer builds become the defacto high watermark by which all the latest 911 hot rod projects are measured against. For Drew, the opportunity to start from scratch and work with Singer on creating his perfect 911 enticed him to do just that, and the stealth black-on-black result is featured in today’s film. Join us for a ride through Pennsylvania’s back roads, and make sure to turn up the volume.

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