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Porsche Panamera ACTIVE RIDE Lane Change Demonstraton


Porsche Panamera ACTIVE RIDE Lane Change Demonstraton. Porsche is offering a new premium suspension system as an option exclusively for the Panamera E-Hybrid models. Porsche Active Ride, which features active two-valve shock absorbers and single-chamber air springs, regulates the forces of each individual damper actively, individually and at lightning speed. In this way, it always achieves maximum driving comfort and performance for any given situation. The design is fundamentally different from regular adaptive systems and other active suspension concepts. Porsche Active Ride offers a unique driving experience that spans the entire spectrum of dynamic behaviour, from the gliding comfort of a luxury sedan to the directness of response that’s typical of a sports car. It delivers top marks in the disciplines of pitch and roll support, body stability, slow-speed driving comfort and handling performance. It also provides extensive additional functions.

The Porsche Active Ride shock absorbers are each connected to an electrically driven hydraulic pump. They generate a volume flow in the damper as required, which is then regulated separately in both the rebound and compression directions. The volume flow enables the piston in the damper to be moved up or down at lightning speed, allowing each wheel to actively extend or compress individually. The wheels therefore actively follow the contour of the road surface – they are pushed into potholes, for example, and lifted going over bumps. This is always done with the aim of correcting the unevenness of the road and keeping the surface as far away from the body as possible. The dampers operate at up to 13 Hz, which means they can adjust the setting up to 13 times per second and therefore react at lightning-fast speed to the driving situation and the road surface at any given moment.

Porsche Active Ride also does not require traditional anti-roll bars, as their effect is provided entirely by the active dampers. The dampers also perform the function of electronic anti-roll stabilisation (PDCC Sport). Moreover, the new shock absorbers make it possible to replace the complex three-chamber air suspension of the previous model with a system that features lightweight and efficient single-chamber air springs. The air suspension is used for speed-dependent control of the vehicle’s ride height to improve driving stability and aerodynamics, as well as for automatic self-levelling depending on the occupancy or cargo load condition. A lower or higher ride height can be selected manually in the Porsche Communication Management system (PCM).

Source: Porsche

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