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Range Rover 2023 Bulletproof – “Come With Me If You Want To Live”


Range Rover 2023 Bulletproof – “Come With Me If You Want To Live”. INKAS released next generation Armored Range Rover.
A prestigious symbol of the elite, the Range Rover’s distinctive elegant exterior, lavish cabin, and legendary off-road performance place it in a class of its own. Elevating it to new heights, the redesigned Range Rover debuts a streamlined body that exudes sophistication, and an enhanced interior that makes an effortless statement of refined luxury.

The armored Range Rover features smart air suspension and an advanced terrain response system for exceptional maneuverability both on the road and off. Equipped with a P530 in a 4.4L turbocharged V8 gas engine with an 8-speed automatic transmission which produces 523 horsepower and 553 lb.-ft. of torque, this luxury SUV delivers as much power as it does style.

With an interior cabin distinguished by its Executive Class front and back seats, advanced touchscreen controls for an intuitive driving experience, and rear entertainment system with noise cancellation technology – this next-gen Range Rover creates a comfortable and immersive ride for passengers, while eliminating distractions for the driver. Available in both short and long wheelbase versions, the INKAS Armored Range Rover can be configured to a four, five, or seven seat arrangement, depending on client requirements.

Built to the exacting standards that Land Rover and INKAS are renowned for, the INKAS Armored Range Rover delivers 360-degree security with discreet armoring certified to the CEN 1063 BR6 level – fully protecting its occupants from 7.62mm high-power rifle ammunition, and up to two DM51 hand grenades detonated simultaneously underneath the vehicle.

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