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Renault Clio RS 2018 with RS Performance parts


Renault Clio RS 2018 with RS Performance parts. RS Performance: the new line of accessories and derivatives designed for the Renault Sport community

Renault Sport has launched R.S. Performance for R.S. car owners looking to enhance their Track Day experience. Filling the gap between the sport and competition series, this is a product offering that fulfils the expectations of enthusiasts looking for an extra soupçon of style, performance, and even high performance. It’s the essence of Track Days captured to perfection!

Under the R.S. Performance label, Renault Sport is launching two different offerings that complement each other to perfection:
– a line of accessories that capture the essence of track racing and aimed at enthusiasts looking to enhance their track experience at the wheel of their R.S., all with an extra soupçon of style and performance;
– a line of derivatives, ranging from classic merchandising to workshop products, for enthusiasts and professionals looking to immerse themselves in the world of Renault Sport.

The two lines are now available.

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