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Renault H1st vision Concept | Innovative Technologies Of Tomorrow


Renault H1st vision Concept | Innovative Technologies Of Tomorrow. H1st vision, the concept car designed by Software République: a human-centred vision of mobility for tomorrow.

This physical vehicle doubles up as a virtual replica, a virtual twin in a digital universe where systems that are currently independent (infrastructure, energy, public services, users of different categories) communicate. This makes it possible to model, visualise and simulate the different use cases that could arise in the real world. Thanks to its interconnection with its environment, H1st vision is in constant dialogue with digital and physical ecosystems. A true experience beyond automotive mobility, H1st vision is not just a concept car: it is a tangible vision of tomorrow’s mobility experience.

The 20 innovations in this technology demonstrator are centred on people. They are all operational: they take care of the driver, their passengers and other road users.

H1st vision for example features:

all-new and secure biometric access control
a one-of-a-kind sound experience inside
optimised vehicle range and charging
a driver and vehicle health monitor and assistant
predictive alerts to protect occupants and other people on the road, using predictive alerts

H1st vision is packed with the expertise of Software République’s members, which are all major players, and promising startups selected for their unique contributions. It was developed by a team of 100 people in a record six months. With this functional virtual and real concept, Software République is demonstrating the relevance of the open innovation model for incubating true industrial projects that are helping to make Europe a prominent hub for the mobility of the future.

Source : Renault

0:00 Design
0:22 Device-free access
1:22 Predictive car health monitoring
2:30 Real-time health assistant
3:42 Personalized call privacy
4:15 Real-time vulnerable road user protection
5:02 Predictive emergency vehicule alert
5:41 E-health monitoring assistant
6:23 Predictive risky zone alert

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