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Renault R5 TURBO 3 E


Renault R5 TURBO 3 E. This all-electric show car’s contribution to the Renault 5’s 50th anniversary celebrations is an up-to-the-minute take and tribute to the most celebrated sports versions: the Renault 5 Turbo and Turbo 2. It has logically been named R5 TURBO 3E, “3” because it follows the Turbo 2 and “E” for electric.

R5 TURBO 3E is engineered for performance and tracks, a pure drifter, all-electric, and a rear-wheel drive. Like its iconic predecessor, it is strictly a two-seater. Now, however, the rear houses the powertrain – two electric motors, each moving one of the wheels, with the batteries in the middle under the floor.

R5 TURBO 3E is built on a tubular chassis, protected by a flat base and shielded by roll bars approved by the Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA). The motor has 280 kW (eq. 380 hp) of total power and 700 Nm of instantly available torque.

This new-generation R5 Turbo 2 can zip across 100 metres from standstill in only 3.5 seconds (3.9 seconds in Drift mode) and reach a top speed of 200 km/h. Its 42 kWh battery has plenty of capacity for several laps or a raging gymkhana. In these situations, it has a 50-plus steering angle so it’s easier to dodge obstacles.

To facilitate the recording of the performances made on board, R5 TURBO 3E comes with 10 or so mounting brackets for cameras inside and outside – for instance in the slots for the headlights and for the exterior mirrors, which are perfect to get the best footage of its drifting prowess.

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