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Renault Twingo ZE 2020 – Nice Electric Small Car | Geneva Car Show 2020


Renault Twingo ZE 2020 – Nice Electric Small Car | Geneva Car Show 2020. Renault Twingo ZE’s 60 kW (82 horsepower) engine immediately provides an available maximum torque of 160 Nm. Drivers get strong and silent acceleration and pick-up even at low revs. The engine can reach 50 km/h (31 mph) in barely 4 seconds. While the 135 km/h (84 mph) top speed permits all motorway travel.

With its 22 kWh battery, Twingo ZE has a range of around 250 kilometers (143 miles) in WLTP City cycle and 180 kilometers (102 miles) in Full WLTP cycle.

The “Eco” mode, activated by pushing a button on the centre console, offers an operating range of around 215 kilometers (125 miles) on mixed journeys, by limiting acceleration and top speed on motorways.

Twingo ZE features a “B mode” giving drivers a choice of three levels for the regenerative braking function as soon as they release the accelerator pedal. In the most advanced configuration, the car decelerates significantly, which quickly regenerates the battery, reduces the need for braking and makes city driving easier. In contrast, the most continuous mode allows the vehicle to keep going almost as if it was in freewheel mode.

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