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Shelby Mustang FP350S – Limited-Edition Track Car


Shelby Mustang FP350S – Limited-Edition Track Car. Shelby Mustang FP350S Track Car – Track Drive, Interior and Exterior. Subscribe.

Having the right tool to stay competitive and agile at the track is critical to ensuring Ford’s tier-four drivers remain at the top of their game. The latest tool that Maher and Andy Vrenko, vehicle dynamics engineer, Ford Performance Parts, have turned to is a limited-edition Mustang FP350S track car.

Aside from a full roll cage and second seat, the FP350S has a 50-channel data acquisition system that allows drivers to gauge their performance down to minute details – such as steering wheel angle, brake pressure and even the transition time between throttle and brake pedal. All of this is extremely helpful in providing individualized instruction as well as ensuring the driver meets the objective requirements to be a tier-four driver.


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