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Soul Made: Nardi Steering Wheels


Soul Made: Nardi Steering Wheels. It’s important to feel connected to your car, and it’s often the case that the physical and emotional element of that connection are derived from the same place: the steering wheel. It’s the most tactile and visceral piece of the driving experience, the element that bridges the gap between human and machine, and one of the best examples of the marriage of automotive form and function.

In today’s film, we visit the workshop of Nardi-Personal, and get some insight into the historic brand from its current CEO, Lorenzo Cerfolini, who takes us through the timeline of the company from its foundation at the hands of Enrico Nardi.

A brilliant engineering mind, Nardi spent time at Lancia and Ferrari with the namesakes of the companies, Vincenzo Lancia and Enzo Ferrari, before making his own foray into the world of automobiles. His resulting creations were utterly unique designs, and they raced at the 24 Hours of Le Mans and the Targa Florio, but the most enduring part of Nardi’s legacy has proven to be the beautiful aluminum and mahogany steering wheels his company began producing in the mid 1950s. Ferrari used Nardi wheels in some of its most iconic cars—the 250 GTO, for starters—and Nardi has continued to adhere to the same exacting standards in its hand-finished products, of which no two are exactly alike.

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